Edition Ten

Hawaiian Chant

Na pule kau kou

A luna a luna a luna a luna

Na pule kau kou

A lalo a lalo a lalo a lalo

Aloha e Aloha e Aloha Mai e!

English Translation

We call upon the prayers of The Heavens

From Above

We call upon the prayers of Below

With Love, with love with only my Love!

This is one of the chants we say to open the door way to heaven and earth. As We are the bridge between Heaven and Earth. We honor the Sun, the Moon, The Wind and The Earth. We talk to the trees, the rocks and the flowers. Nature gives us what we need and in return we sing our songs of Aloha and say many prayers of healing for All.

My name is Nahi 'ena 'ena which means "Stirring The Fires." I am a Kupuna of Blessings and Prayer. I have been blessed to be both Hawaiian and Native American Indian. I love being a Pagan! Using both medicines as I journey to teach in Europe and in Japan. The native American people call me "Fire Woman."

I started healing with my grandmother at my side at the age of 3 years old. In old sugar plantation cracker box house. This was the term we used to describe are living quarters. Big business men came to Hawaii and took over our land and our monarcy. The missionaries came in and put clothes on our bodies and shoes on our feet. They taught us how to be proper human beings and not pagans. My parents sent me to an all girls Catholic school, to learn how to better myself and how to pray properly. Well, these were all good lessons for me. I know now that I am a child of the land and this is where my roots are.

At the age of 53 my pagan work takes me on roads less traveled upon. I do shaman workshops and private healing sessions. Using prayers, herbs of the land, stones and crystals to heal with. Grandmother moon to enlighten me and grandfather sun to heal me. The four winds are my teachers. The ancestors are my protectors and guides. Yes, I am truly blessed!

The goddess Pele, the Fire goddess is one of my helpers. She lives on The Big Island of Hawaii, very active and flowing in all her majestic glory. The element of fire is healing, it clears, transmutes and regenerates. Fire is full of life and death! Both are ONE.

We call upon Father, God, Divine Creator. Mother, Goddess, Divine Nuturer. We call upon The Star Brothers and Sisters of The Stars! We call upon The Sea God and Goddess of The Sea! We call upon the winged ones, the ones that fly! We call upon the four legged ones, the ones that crawl! We call upon The Ancestors of The Land, The Guardians of The Land! We ask for Blessings for each and everyone of you, To be blessed with long life, good health and abundance of all good things! May the wind be at your back and may there always be food on your table!

May the spirit of Aloha (love) and Ohana (family) dwell in the house of your hearts forever and ever! Amama amama ua noa! The prayer is Freed!

Blessed Be! Nahi 'ena 'ena

By Nahi Guzman