Edition Eighteen

Fullistic Peace

I recently attended a board meeting where several items on the agenda related to things various members of the organization expected the board to do for them.

The letters of request said, "you should do this" and "I'm deeply disappointed that you didn't respond in the way I feel I deserve."

Clearly, the letter writers were not in a peaceful state of mind when they wrote.

And the reaction of the board members, including my own, was anything but peaceful. As I drove home, pondering these demands that were so-called "requests," I realized that they held the key to what I wanted to share with you about Fullistic™ peace, the kind that is so rich and profound that nothing can disturb it.

Most people think of personal peace as simply an absence of internal turmoil. But Fullistic™ peace is not merely a lack or reprieve from restlessness, anger or fear, since a void must eventually be filled. Instead, Fullistic™ peace replaces inner conflict with a higher level of awareness that makes you feel entirely at home with yourself, your life and the people you know.

As Marianne Williamson once wrote, "Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us." The letter writers mentioned above essentially said they were powerless to create what they wanted, which is why they sought satisfaction outside themselves. It is not a question of power as we have traditionally defined it, which usually relates to intimidation of others or exhaustive effort. Instead, Williamson's quote begs the question: "How does our light deliver us to peace?"

I discovered the answer to this question by fate. Several years ago, a major flood devastated our region. You may remember it, as it made the national news for weeks. Sixty thousand of us in Grand Forks, North Dakota and East Grand Forks, Minnesota had to be evacuated overnight. It was the largest civil evacuation since the burning of Atlanta during the Civil War. Most left in minutes, leaving with little more than the clothes on their backs.

That day was one of the most transformative of my life. In a matter of hours, I was separated from everything and everyone that defined me. My home, my job, my friends and even my children--who had to be sent off to live with relatives--were gone. For the first time in my life, I had absolutely no idea of what the future would bring. I should have been restless, anxious and miserable.

Instead, I experienced a peace more profound than any I had ever known before. I slept more soundly than I had in years, and awakened fully refreshed and eager to embrace days that seemed to change course by the hour. Things and people appeared before I even knew I wanted or needed them. It was as if everything had already been worked out for me, and all I had to do was accept it. My work took on a new resonance that landed contracts I previously thought were impossible. My relationships touched me so deeply that I often fought back tears of joy from the sheer beauty of them.

The great irony of my experience is that, void of everything I had once deemed essential, I felt fuller than ever before in my life. Stripped of the so-called "power" of the roles I played, the things I owned, the positions I held or the money I had, "Robin" disappeared. With "me" gone, something wonderful happened. I discovered not that I am powerful beyond measure, but that I--and you--are connected to a power beyond measure. And when you are aware of it within and around you, you live in the joy of your own light, in a state of Fullistic™ peace.

What is Fullistic™ peace? When you have it, three things are true:

1. You feel completely safe. 2. In spite of circumstances, you know that all is well. 3. You naturally give and receive love, and your needs are met.

How do you achieve it? That's the lightness of it. You don't. You can't buy it or work for it. You don't need to learn meditation or pray in a certain way. You don't have to move from the city or give up your possessions, spouse or job. It's just like Dorothy Gale in the movie, "The Wizard of Oz." As I experienced during my evacuation, it's with us all the time. It's just that, before now, you probably didn't realize it.

Fullistic™ peace doesn't come to you; it comes through you when you get out of your own way. And it feels wonderful. You're relaxed, alert and tuned in. Your mind is clear from the "buts" that limit your happiness. You feel connected to the people and experiences you're presently having, even if what is happening is what others might call "tragic." You realize that things are exactly as they should be, and you have no desire or expectation that they be different.

There are a few simple ways you can experience Fullistic™ peace right now.

1. Stop demanding, expecting or even desiring things from others. Even if they come through, you will be pacified, not peaceful. Instead, begin asking yourself, "How can I share what is already mine?" By sharing your best qualities, you increase the light within and around you. 2. Pay attention to your body's signals. If whatever you're thinking, saying or doing is making you feel tense, stop. Experiment with different perspectives until you find one that feels comfortable. 3. Allow yourself to be led from within. Your ten gifts can guide you towards the experiences your soul wants to have.

When you begin to do these things, you will likely notice that a wonder-full fourth dimension comes in to help you fulfill your three-dimensional activities. As you come to know this as your higher self, you will live in a state of Fullistic™ peace where all is well, you are safe, and love is present. When you do, your world, and ours, will be more peaceful for it.

By Robin L. Silverman