Edition Eighteen

Peace on Earth

Leo Tolstoy led us to believe with his great classic "War and Peace" that peace is absence of war, and that war is a natural state.

We cannot blame Tolstoy, who described the human condition brilliantly, with his panoramic study of early 19th Century Russian Society.

He was a storyteller who understood deeply the human condition and from his keen perception extrapolated a theory of historical determinism.

Avid readers of "War and Peace" as I am (three times no less, I must confess) will see that the novel lays out a theory of history that states that there is a minimum of free choice. That war follows peace just as surely as night follows day.

In this modern age, we see little to disprove Tolstoy's awesome theories. If we look at our world in one way we see apparently inevitable results. We constantly hear about warfare, starvation, loss and tragedy and if we don't watch ourselves we allow fear to enter into our consciousness. Once fear is there, we are well on the way to proving Tolstoy's theory of life, with all its inevitability and limitation.

All it takes though is a trip to the ocean with our three-year old to know he's wrong on this. We can walk in the countryside when the dew is still sparkling on the grass and know there's nothing inevitable about life. We catch our hearts opening up, and our bodies overreacting with a feeling of tingly joy, when a charming elderly lady offers us a gentle, knowing smile, for no reason, other than love.

All it takes is to open a magazine or book, dedicated to spiritual truth and see the possibilities, reminding us never to be limited. Never to underestimate our divine potential. Never to fear our greatness or capacity to love. Never to hold a lesser picture of ourselves or our world than that offered to us by the Wise Ones. Jesus, the Lord Buddha, Gandhi, and others, graced our world at different times in our history, have offered us a path away from the endless cycle or war and limitation.

In our dim and distant path, we, the human race, may chosen the apparent delights of freewill and the right to act and be exactly as we wish. However, the goal, the Holy Grail of all thinking people is not freewill - but freedom. Freewill allows us to indulge our fleeting passions; freedom leads us on the higher path to unlock life's mystic secrets. Freedom from war, pain, limitation and fear is our birthright. Freedom to unlock the divine secrets of our higher nature, and to soar through the skies of our own becoming.

This freedom can be achieved through aligning our freewill - our right to choose - with the great Laws of God. The Divine Laws that teach us that the way to break through the endless, limiting cycles is to realize Oneness. It is then and only then that we will act with our God-nature and so rise above the apparently inevitable cycles we have - through past lives - created.

At the moment, Peace is on everyone's mind because there is continual talk of its opposite - war. If we change the way we perceive life - as a spiritual journey in which we unfold our Divine potential, not as a battle for survival, then peace must eventually dawn. First it must dawn in the hearts and minds of each of us, and then it must, by the Divine Law of Action and Reaction - Karma - exist upon our Earth.

We can then prove forever that war does not have to follow peace, as night follows day. Instead, conflict can be turned to spiritual action and peace, inward reflection. Both of these opposites will then meet in the fires of that great mystic force - LOVE.

Let us close by saying the following prayer of Peace and Love that, because of its selfless intent, will work at a high spiritual level of global transformation. Prayer for Peace Exercise

Go into your sacred space or personal retreat, and first spend a few moments preparing yourself by cultivating a prayerful and positive attitude with faith that your efforts will be answered. Take a few deep breaths, feel relaxed, and with compassion in your heart, say the following prayer, or any prayers of your own that you already know, or feel inspired to say.

Oh Divine Creator and Preserver of Life We ask that we may be instruments For your peace, so that this great light May spread throughout our world.

We pray that your eternal love May fill the hearts of all humankind Now, at this very moment. Bringing peace and freedom to our world.

May your Light shine upon all life -- So that all people of every creed and race, The animal kingdom, and Nature in all her bounty, May be risen into your eternal Love.

Creator of Oneness, Father of Life May love prevail upon our world. Now and forevermore. Great Peace, Great Peace, Great Peace. May your will be done.

© Chrissie Blaze, 2004

By Chrissie Blaze