Edition Eighteen

Regression Therapy and How It Works

The process of regression therapy is based on the premises that everything the individual has ever experienced is recorded and retained in the mind systems.

The mind appears to have multi-levels of consciousness, which we make up into three main systems and identify as the conscious, sub-conscious, and super-conscious.

"Your conscious mind is what you do."

"Your sub-conscious mind is what you are." Your super-conscious mind is the Soul, Spirit, or God element." These three mind systems function independently of each other simultaneously. Our best attitude or expression is when these three levels of consciousness are thinking and acting alike.

Everything we experience contains a certain amount of emotions, positive or negative. The greater the emotion the more it affects the physical systems. Love and fear are the two basic emotions. Love always affects the physical systems in a positive way. Fear is basic to the negative emotions of anger, guilt, resentment, hate and other negative expressions that offend the physical systems.

Hypnotic regression shows that these emotions and a personality are present at birth. Reinforcement and/or change of the personality and emotions occur with conscious experience to become sub-conscious imprints in the new physical systems. Most emotions are re-experienced and/or reinforced by the average age of five. It appears that once a negative emotion is expressed enough to imprint the sub-conscious it becomes the basic cause of the physical deficiency that occurs later in life. The extent of these physical deficiencies are compatible to the intensity and/or accumulation of the emotion. Even though these negative emotional imprints can cause physical deficiencies at any time following an experience there appears to be an average of ten years from the first emotional imprint before the physical systems are severely damaged.

Every negative emotion, if not resolved within a reasonable period of time, will damage the physical systems that relate to the connecting emotion. Anger seems to cause headaches and migraines. Fear and insecurity cause chest and heart problems. Feet and leg problems relate to restrictions and lack of support. Knee and hip problems will also relate to a lack of support. Resentment offends the lower back, hips and other body systems expressing the condition we identify as arthritis. The upper back and neck problems indicate that the individual resents too much work or responsibility. Guilt and shame associate with psoriasis and other skin problems and when connected with fear and betrayal will offend the reproduction system. Aids and Herpes connect to the emotion of sexual betrayal. Every physical disorder is connected to a negative emotion or combination of emotions. The stress factor or intensity of the emotion determines the amount of damage to the physical systems. Emotional cancers are rage. Diabetes is rejection. Multiple Sclerosis is from an intense emotional stress causing damage to the nerve systems. Other physical disorders all have connections to negative emotional experiences. As long as these negative emotions are present the physical systems are being restricted from their normal function. In the absence of these negative emotions the physical systems can be improved or corrected.

The process for the recovery of the offended systems is to first identify the origin of the physical damage and then to identify the connecting emotion. The next step is to determine the origin of the connecting emotion. When the origin of the emotion is determined the individual is directed to re-live the experience. But this time, recognize that there was an instant of choice in relating to the experience by either a positive, negative, or indifferent response. Then choose to reconstruct the experience with a positive emotion. When the original negative emotional imprint is changed all of the following experiences that connect to the original negative emotion have to re-evaluated and reconstructed. This is done by using the imagination to create a different reality to the experience at the sub-conscious level of the experience.

The mind records information similar to a tape recording. A tape recorder records a sequence of events in the exact manner that they are received through the microphone. When a tape is replayed it plays back exactly what was recorded. The mind also records a sequence of events that we call experiences. When we recall a previous experience the mind can play back the experience exactly as it was recorded, including the emotions. If something is recorded on the tape that is not wanted or is in some way offensive, it cannot be altered by adding a change at the end of the recording. The unwanted material has to be erased or taped over. The mind works the same way. If something has been recorded in the mind that is offensive to the physical systems it cannot be changed by trying to add a different attitude or emotion to the end of the conscious experience. The change has to be made at the point it was originally recorded and stored in the sub-conscious. In making these evaluations the individual is made aware of the instant of choice and that a better more positive way to respond to the experience was possible.

The idea that a person's entire life can flash across their mind in seconds is very real. It can and does happen. With hypnosis this phenomenon can be controlled so that past experiences can be recalled, reevaluated, and reconstructed in a matter of seconds. On the average ten to twelve previous experiences can be changed in thirty to forty-five seconds. If this reconstruction is done properly the negative emotion will no longer be offensive to the physical system.

Freedom of choice is always involved. The individual can choose to keep the offending emotions, and the physical deficiency, rather than change the emotion. Some do make this choice. Some of the benefits of resisting change are the desire for control, revenge, financial security, emotional security, getting attention and security of the familiarity with the present state. Suffering (believing that punishment is deserved) is also a resistant benefit. When there is no change in thought habits, there is no change in the condition.

The mind in its response to hypnotic regression will express an awareness that appears to have its origin prior to birth. The concept of reincarnation is present in the mind regardless of the belief in reincarnation, religion, sex, age or nationality. The individual will sometimes relate to an experience that appears to have occurred in a prior lifetime. The emotion of the experience was so strongly impressed it carried over with the spirit to become offensive to the same physical system that was originally offended.

There are some who practice regression therapy who believe that all present physical and emotional problems are connected to past life experiences. There is no denying that all past life experiences have their connection to the present. I have found that mental and physical problems that are present at birth amount to less than ten percent of the problems. Physical and emotional problems that are present at birth may be connected to a past life experience or may have their origins between the time of conception and birth.

In the mind there is an unbroken awareness from one's spiritual creation to the present. These prior lifetimes may involve few or many past experiences, including the time and realm between these past experiences. It is the minds ability to record and retain all past experiences that makes it possible to determine the origin and cause of the physical and emotional problems. The mind has total knowledge of the structure and conditions of the body systems. Not only does the mind know the origin and cause of the physical and emotional deficiency; it knows its own best way to correct these conditions. The mind will also determine the period of time the problem can be resolved if the emotional adjustment is made.

The solution to many physical and emotional problems are brought about by spirit entities. The success of this method has nothing to do with one's belief in spirit communication. Spirit assistance to heal the ills of the mind and body is probably the most natural and effective method known to man.

I do not want to give the impression that hypnosis and regression techniques are cure-all methods. Free agency is involved. In many cases the problem has deteriorated beyond the ability or the desire of the individual to recover. Again this is choice and/or purpose.

I am reminded of a statement by Doctor V.G. Crookshank in the year 1920. In his book "Healing Without Medicine" Doctor Crookshank is quoted as saying "The only satisfactory method of curing illness is to uncover the repressed frustrations of fears, grief's, hatreds, and loves; to try and help the person to come to terms with himself and divert his energies to more positive and appropriate channels."

As far back as our records of antiquity go wise men everywhere knew and understood the applications of these principles. The first great minds used these principles in the application of their professions and to build the foundations of the great many civilizations that have passed through recorded history.

The legends of antiquity handed down by the different races of men tell us these inner powers and their applications to the many arts, thereby raising mankind above all other creatures on this earth. We are also informed by these legends that because these inner powers can be applied for good or bad of mankind, they have been shrouded in mystery and veiled from the eyes of the unworthy, awaiting that time when man has raised himself to the spiritual level whereby he understands this power. In their endeavor to conceal this knowledge from the unworthy, the ancient wise men formed themselves into brotherhoods, priesthoods and schools of thought. They handed down this knowledge from one generation to the next by word of mouth or in writings concealed in symbolism so that only those who possess the inquiring mind and desire for knowledge would find the key and open the doorway to these mysteries of antiquity.

Hypnotism and age regression is a tool (key) by which the door to your mind may be opened. It remains for the person with a desire for knowledge and the inquiring mind to enter the realm of many wonderful experiences of health and happiness. The mind not only contains the knowledge of life and the purpose for its existence and conduct. It also contains the answers for its own improvement of emotional, physical and spiritual conditions.

"There is probably no way in which you can learn about the human mind so quickly, so thoroughly and so interestingly as through the study and practice of hypnotism".

—(Dr. David F. Tracy)

By A.L. Ward