Meditation on Peace

Text of a talk given at the Church for the Fellowship of all Peoples.

I would like you to join me on a meditative journey, a journey inward to the Silent center of our being.

Perhaps you can read this Meditation on Peace a few times by yourself, and then just follow your breath inwards; or you can read it aloud in a group.

Please, gently close your eyes…relax…relax your body…relax your mind…do not chase your thoughts, let them come and go in the sky of your mind. Breathe deeply…breathe deeply once again…let everything go…do not worry about what has happened…do not worry about what might happen…just sit in the present… allow yourself to be enveloped by Silence…just listen, just sit, just be…fall deeply into your own Self, into that deep place of awareness, of stillness …of Silence. Silence is that place where all differences dissolve, where all conflicts cease, where all fear turns to love, and where all souls shine with the same single flame of radiance.

Today, there is perhaps no more urgent question than this: How can I make peace real? How are we to meet violence with nonviolence, to meet war with peace, to meet fear with love, to meet hatred with compassion? In this moment in which the world is trembling and reeling with angry passions and violent convictions, we must call for peace, stand for peace, and act for peace. We must accept only peace. But first, we must become peace itself, not an idea or image of peace, not the rhetoric of peace, but actual peace, the peace in which violence cannot arise.

We must seek that peace, know that peace, and become that peace. How do we do this?

We are doing it now. The peace that we must become, we already are, it is given to us by God. It is called the soul and it is given to all in equal measure as a flame of the Creator’s fire, full of love and joy—this is the soul, and this is peace. Regardless of what our mind may say, regardless of what today’s headlines may say, regardless of what society may say, peace is the essential nature of all human beings.

Then, how do we find our way to the soul? We are doing it now, sitting together in Silence, entering the depths of our being, leaving behind all thoughts of self and other, of anger and retribution, of fear and hostility. Entering this Silence is discovering our soul, and from within the infinite beauty of our soul, we know peace, we become peace. And we are doing it now, for our own sake, and for the sake of our families, our communities, our world. Being peaceful within, we will create peace without.

This is the work that we must all take up, now and for the rest of our days. There is no greater work than this. There is no greater wealth than this. There is no greater philosophy than this. There is no greater security than this. There is no greater justice than this. There is no greater contribution than this. There is no greater truth than this.

You do not have to take my word for it. You know this for yourself. You know it now, resting in your soul, resting in the depths of your being. Here, we find each other. Here, we find our lost love and compassion. Here, in this depth, we find that God which is beyond differences, beyond dogmas, beyond justifications. It is the universal soul, and its faces shines with beauty, with tenderness, with love, with compassion, with forgiveness. But most of all, it shines the same in all.

Our world risks losing this soul, if we do not find it within ourselves and if we do not then stand and move and speak and act in the world with the full weight and measure and power of this soul found again within our own depth of being where God the creator placed it. There, it is. Here, it is.

Forget all else. Do not be fooled by the shrill voices that call upon your fears and urge you to war, to violence, to brutality. Do not do this. Turn away from this noise and enter the Silence of your soul. Entering this place, then find new mouths and new words, new hands and new actions, new hearts and new compassion. Let the children waiting in celestial realms be suddenly happy at the prospect of coming to Earth.

Let us now resolve to enter the depths of Silence every day, let us resolve to purify our mind and heart in these still waters, let us resolve to wash away all anger and hatred and fear in these still waters, that we may find the peace, the love, the joy that God gave us to share freely with one another in friendship and mutual respect.

As we bring our attention slowly back to our bodies, to the room, to our surroundings—as we slowly open our eyes again, let us affirm that we are peace, and knowing that we are peace, let us also affirm that we will stand for peace, speak for peace, and create peace in each hour of each day.

May all beings be happy, safe, and free.)

© 2004/Robert Rabbin/All rights reserved

By Robert Rabbin