Edition Eighteen

Your True Purpose or Destiny in Life

When you first meet a person, either personally or professionally, it is helpful to have access to their Destiny through their name and birth date.

Some people have life long goals to fulfil, plus several short-term goals and some people think they are simply kicking a ball over the goal post in a football game.

The destiny number reveals a multitude of facts about a person.

Two things to consider when understanding your true purpose in life are "effectiveness" – how you do things and what you are trying to achieve, and "efficiency" which refers to doing things right. A subtle difference but a very important difference between the two ways of doing things. When being effective you achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself. Being efficient is managing time well and setting goals, which are in line with family values. Ask yourself these questions: "Why am I here?" "Who am I?" "What does life offer me?" "How successful will I be?" "Where do I fit in life?".

The Destiny Number is what you were born to be, pre-destined in other words. It is the role you are here to play on the stage of life. Although no one gets a dress rehearsal for life, you need to keep persevering until you excel in what you are gifted at or "pre-destined" to do. It is not always easy to fulfil the role you chose to do in this life but with guidance and patience you will shine in your own light. Your destiny is where you are going and what you are here to achieve. It is the path you must walk and what you should accomplish if you really understand your true purpose.

When I was at school, all I wanted to do was write. I hated cooking (I burnt everything), sewing (I once sewed the sleeves of a shirt to the leg of the trousers and vice-versa.) social sciences (I didn't care about Captain Cook) sport (I was always chosen as a last resort on a team side because I managed to lose the game for the team every time) but maths and English I loved. So for me to find out that my Destiny was a 5: creating change, freedom, investigation, writing and reading and public speaking was a blessing to finally realize I wasn't completely useless to the world. The DESTINY number (your full name) comes from adding together all the numerical additions of each letter of your name. Eg: A=1, B=2, c=3 etc.

Add them together to get a single digit. Eg: 34 is 3+4=7.

This number is vitally important for people of all ages, especially children, as parents can encourage their children from a very early age on the correct path to suit their character, personality and talents.

What is your true destiny? To create beauty, acting, humanitarian, selling, healing, investigations, charity work, finance? Read on a find out just what you are here to do in this lifetime. Your Destiny number comes from your full birth name. This is the one number you can change if you don't like just what your name or destiny number offers you. It's simple, you change your name, = changing your Destiny!


The one destiny person is here to see what they are capable of doing. They don't have a great interest in others and this is not being selfish, because they are here to achieve great things for themselves and to show others the way. They are the leaders in life and are best suited to taking control in any given situation. They are the guiding light for people without those leadership qualities.


The two person's destiny is one of service. They desire peace at any price and are excellent mediators and ambassadors. They make excellent social workers and desire to make friends with everyone. They could become the head of a group that has a humanitarian goal as they are very tactful and compassionate.


These people belong to the people. They are the actors of the world and love to be centre of the stage. Wherever people are, the three person is out in front. They are very social and like to present themselves as good communicators. They love to travel and meet new people, are good writers and good at expressing themselves.


The four person is the foundation for others to build their world upon. They are well organised and others love to follow in their footsteps. They are very well structured in everything they do and they are often in the fields of finance. They are often teachers who demand self-discipline and efficiency. They are reliable and strong and need a structured lifestyle.


These people are here to show others how to change their world. Five means change/freedom and others need to be shown how to change. They show others the way to a better world, through conventional and unconventional ways. They use their variety of experiences throughout life to show others how to be uninhibited and expressive.


These people are here to create a harmonious environment and to make the family home life a peaceful place for all those around them. They belong to the community and the caring fields. They love to help the world and are very artistic and creative. If they are not channeling their creative talents to help others they will become confused and un-ambitious. All fields of beauty are the destiny of the 6 person.


These people are the teachers of ethics and morals. They love to solve mysteries and make good investigators. They need to use their minds and not their physical bodies. They have tremendous mental powers and need to show others the way to spiritual enlightenment. They are very spiritual people who love to create harmony in their teachings. Very intuitive souls whose destiny could be in the spiritual world.


These people are here to conquer the world. They are the powerful leaders of the world and need to channel their energy into financial empires. They love recognition and success and if they don't use their talents, they can end up on the town dump. Often they are sports people, even gold medallists. They belong at the top of their profession. 8 is a ‘Karmic' Destiny where you reap what you sow.


Their goal is perfection, not easily attained on this earth-plane. They belong to the people and selfless service to others in need. They could be actors and people who lead the way for the less fortunate. This is a difficult life as they aim for perfection, and may achieve it with perseverance and determination. An inspirational person who rarely acknowledges their own capabilities. They are the humanitarians who need to be of service.

By Suzanne Hammond