Edition Eighteen

A Philosophy on Beliefs

What kind of beliefs does a man have who paints pretty pictures of imagination and inspiration?

I have had many philosophical and spiritual beliefs in this life, sometimes held strongly, other times just in inquiry or even in mystery.

I noticed that my beliefs are always changing.

And I more or less think of my beliefs as just how things seem to me for now.

Illuision and the Belief of Rightness

I see people invest great passion in the "rightness" of their held beliefs.

Jews, Christians, Muslims and others, often so sure they are right and others are wrong, the fundamentalist of each ready to kill others in the name of their "god" and their "rightness."

And those with such "conviction" calling those who disagree with their side "terrorists."

I have listened to many teachers and I have checked in to my own experience and my innermost being to validate, or not; what is said.

It is my experience that we are all part of the same oneness, and that our separateness is indeed an illusion; that this illusion is vast and pervasive and seems very real; that the stronger we indulge in the illusion the more egoic we act, the more ignorant we are and that all suffering we experience is in some way a result of this complex illusion.

The illumining is basically a distortion of the Truth, which is always present behind the illusion and That is all of our true nature.

Illusion and Learning Through Our Hearts

When we are truly in our hearts, truly feeling the connectedness, the love, we then feel joy and peace as we are more being our true nature.

The tricky part is truly experiencing that we are actually both One AND separate, and that it is not "either/or" it is BOTH.

Truth understands this and truth is okay with conciseness being in illusion. Truth does not assert, defend, try to convince others. It knows that no matter how far "apparent" parts of the one go into illusion, they will always return, as all illusion is merely distorted truth and when it is undistorted only the native truth remains.

The pain and suffering and apparent "wounds" are a result in being in illusion, in one's ego too much. Most of what is going on in our day to day world is just a bunch of egoic programming interfacing with other programming, more like the Matrix than people think.

I know it is possible for each individual to wake up out of the dream or illusion to realize one's true nature, one's true being.

Finding Your Own Beliefs

And when it comes to "beliefs" it is important not to simply take the words of another and recite them as one's own, or quote them from a scripture, but to always find out for oneself through personal experience.

And to share from there (personal experience) what one has found to share freely, openly and relaxedly with others - for them to accept or reject as they wish.

The diversity of perspectives, when shared casually with others can be a wonderful thing, expanding life's possibilities. Wanting or forcing others to see things the way you do is counter productive and not fun.

The Path to Self Realization

My devotion is to Truth, thus I remain open to the continuing influx of new information. I regularly visit and listen to and speak with my teachers.

I have found some great teachers who are quite good at pointing to the Truth. I gladly point to the pointers and you can connect with them here if you wish.

Therefore, to sum up my philosophy I would state that I have found that the ONLY solution to the world's and an individual's struggle and suffering or unfulfillment is true self-realization (enlightenment).

All other approaches and "solutions" are pseudo and/or temporary and are of the realm of hidden programming, which goes deeper than people realize.

All those beings throughout history who have truly self-realized have said the same things - among those things that we are in a state of illusion which is so profound that even our notion of separateness is illusion; that the answer to life's woes is through Truth - which inevitably leads to self-realization - the awake state.

The awake state is always present behind the illusion. It is not "attained," it is what is always there and comes forth when the illusion is busted.

All are now invited to wake up from the dream.

By Daniel B. Holeman