Privo’s Gypsy Grooves Moves You in All the Right Places

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In the recently released music CD Gypsy Grooves, new age music artist, Priyo will uplift your spirit while satisfying and moving your senses into that happy place we all long to go. This Flamenco-infused compilation of trance tunes is far from repetitious. Each song offers a unique blend of textures and rhythms. The flow from one song to the next …

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Moving Your Body is a Spiritual Practice

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Growing spiritually means becoming more loving; we work to give more love not only to others, but to ourselves. Give Your Body Love As humans, our body and spirit are intertwined. We cannot be our most loving self without extending love to our body. We love the body by taking good care of it: eating well, drinking water, getting enough …


How to Eat Less at Meals

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You’ve heard it said that we eat with our eyes. It’s so true. We are served food that often looks extraordinary. Restaurants pile up the portions in the name of a good value, and we dig in without any indication of how much we really need. Plates, bowls, cups, and even silverware are bigger than they used to be, which …

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Learn to Recognize Your Hungers

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In a world where we eat by the clock and diets rule, many people have lost track of their internal hunger and fullness cues: the body’s way of letting you know when it’s time to eat and when you’ve had enough. You have the inner wisdom to control your weight beautifully, but quite possibly, your inner wisdom has been damaged …


How Losing Weight Supports Your Highest Purpose

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Knowing that you are first and foremost spirit, and not your weight, can either serve you or work against you when it comes to weight control. You know that how you look (your outer shell) is not who you really are, and you might ask yourself, “Why do I need to comply with society’s standards of beauty?” Realizing that ultimately …

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You Have the Spirit to Lose Weight

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You are a spiritual person, in touch with the loving force within you that resides in your body, but is not of this world. It is a powerful force that you know cannot be destroyed. When you are in spirit, all is well. You feel peaceful and happy. You have a sense that the world is taking care of you. …


Living a Spiritual Life Helps in Challenging Times

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We are Spirit, soul or electromagnetic energy in the physical body, not a body with a soul. Should you repeat that to yourself, several times, in first person, as a positive affirmation, you will surely tune in to the big picture of who we really are expressed as our full nature. Recognizing this as truth there are less chances of being …


Spiritual Health & Healing in Difficult Times

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Life is an illusion. We are all touched by the events we saw unfolding worldwide on 9-11 and are affected in ways we do not fully understand. We see how quickly life can be lost and feel compelled to re-connect with what is truly important in life. The impact of those events seemingly gave us permission to take time to reassess our …


Death, Dying and Spirituality

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In today’s world, there is a crying need for spirituality. With all the worries, fears and stresses associated with our modern society, there must be a way to find peace and order in our everyday existence. This is equally true for victims of terminal illnesses. There seems to be an explosion of suffering and illness worldwide. Cancer has reached epidemic proportions. Despite …


Finding Sanctuary: A Message for Troubled Times

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Hello dear friends, When we were invited to submit an article for this magazine, it was suggested that something relative to the current world situations centered around recent terrorism might be appropriate. Now after five false starts on that theme I realized I wasn’t able to write on that subject without being political or angry. Why is that, you might ask? …


The Veil of Forgetfulness

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God placed the Veil on all of us many centuries ago. The Veil exists between our present life and memory of past lives. God has said very little to us except to give us limited advice of how to treat one another. The three important things that God did tell us were told to us in the Lord’s Prayer. Other religious doctrines …


Being Eternal: Aging and Recycling:

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When my grandfather came to Canada from the Ukraine in the 1920’s he had no money and no where to stay so he slept in the cemetery at 4th and Broad in Regina. He had been raised an orthodox Christian but with some sort of old-country superstitions (think like Romania). After sleeping several nights in the graveyard and not having been attacked …