Parasites Effects on Human Health

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A parasite is any organism that feeds and lives on or in a different organism. Parasites find their way into the human body as easily as into any other creature. Worms occur when the human body becomes weakened due to ingesting chemical and metal poisons from food and inhaled poisons from the water and air. Animals also pass worms to humans.

Pets should always be dewormed regularly. Another recent concern is farmed fish that also can carry parasites and other bacterial diseases if raised in less than careful conditions.

All Sizes and Colors

Parasites are of many different sizes and colors – green, brown, grey, yellow, white and various combinations.

A Tapeworm is a common parasite. Tapeworms usually come from beef, pork or fish. Vegetarians can also have parasites since the eggs of the parasites may be eaten with unwashed vegetables or fruits.

Threadworm and hookworms may pass through unbroken skin. Even water is a big carrier of parasites.

Signs of Human Parasites

It is a myth that only skinny people have parasites. This is not true. You can be obese and still have worms. Worms and parasites take the nutrients out of the body leaving the calories and water behind. You can become very bloated and gain weight easily. Parasites and worms can also be the cause of stomach and intestinal pain. Diarrhea and parasites go hand in hand.

If old decay is flushed away parasites have no place to embed themselves. When the bowel is not flushed out or cleansed they will encrust themselves within old material on the intestinal wall. Because parasites typically reside in the debris that is impacted in the colon, stool tests are not always accurate.

Where Parasites Live

Parasites do not necessarily remain within the intestinal tract. They will go to any pocket of the body, even the brain. They live off the host and aren’t particular about where they live as long as they get the food they need.

Travel becomes very easy for the parasites once they have cleared a pathway for themselves from the bowel to the circulatory system so it is imperative to cleanse the bowel regularly.

Parasites cleanses should be done at least every three months. Personally every full moon I go on a parasite cleanse.

Time for a Parasite Cleanse

The best time to go on a parasite cleanse is five days before the full moon. Worms are full moon animals, becoming active at the time of the full moon.

People who have worms experience bloating and weight gain. Children with worms will grind their teeth at night, especially at the full moon.

Often people become more irritable and short tempered. The psychiatric ward becomes more active at this time. People have been put on Prozac or other medication to calm them when often all they need is to be dewormed.

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